About Us

"Love and enjoy what you do" is a platform that gathers the skillfulness of craftsmanship in various fields, combining between the old heritage flair and the modern days taste. Founder Noha El Moallem strongly believes that deep inside each one of us lay the locale where you can find your own enjoyment and self happiness. "Love and enjoy what you do" follows the vision and curation of its founder, personifying her discrete taste and organic living. 

I launched the website in a time we as humans are in need to cooperate together for healthier, safer, toxic free, better life for ourselves and for the genarations to come.

I grew up enjoing the long standing hours in the kitchen baking and cooking small dishes that i loved doing so much with successful ones and failing others. My passion became certain to me when at 14 years old when I was in a book store, I had to choose between a story book and a cooking book, and  I chose the second one. I used to set the time waiting anxiously for my favourite cooking shows, watching them with happiness and recreation.

Later during my college years, instead of choosing the books I needed for my studies research, i would pick Interior designing books, and sit and browse them for hours not realising the time, being flabbergasted just like a kid in an amusement park. This was a turning point in forming my general decor taste. Years gone by, and as I grew older, my ambition and aspiration also grew and developed.

From my expierence, I want to motivate you all to dig deep inside of yourselves searching for the inner part of you that will gift you happiness and joy in doing what you love. I struggled for years wanting and going through different tasks thinking it would please me, but turned out it did not, because it was not meant for me. Though meanwhile, God was preparing me for another route that I found myself in. I know you think its hard, and know it will take time. But believe me, eventually it will come, and no one will know it, or feel it except you. You will notice it when after finishing this task, you will experience a mixed feelings of incomprehensible happyiness, confidence, serenity, and a general psychological weel being.

My team and I will do our utmost to contionously proffer you our environmental, earth-friendly products, to support 'go green' lifestyle behavior, and assist you to shop wisley economically and salubriously.

Last but not least do not forget to,

                                                       "Love & Enjoy what you do"


 Noha el Moallem

Welcome to my kitchen

The most dear place to my heart. The place were it all happens., cause no matter where life takes us, the kitchen is where we come back to gather, chat, laugh, and even argue! The meal we prepare not only does it feed our bodies, but it creates a spiritual bond between families and friends because the main ingredient is love. Loving and enjoing what you do will spread happiness and enjoyment to your family, so always spread love, spread joy, and LOVE AND ENJOY WHAT YOU DO.