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noha el moallem



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To me, dough making is another nerve tranquilliser after baking. My mind completely quit thinking about any thing except understanding the dough's language. What is it trying to teach me through dealing with it.  Dough needs special treatment, if you understand it, it will give you perfect results, and if not, sadly the result will not be as expected.

Fatayer with three different fillings, spinach, cheese, and minced beef. Enjoy it baked in the oven as much as fried, because I know each kind has its own fans.They both tastes so yummy, and you will hear it from your family.

The whole process from scratch to serving in shown in the attached vedio. I repeated the closing method more then once cause I know it might be difficult at first.

Dough Ingredients :

3 Cup Flour  /  1/2 Tsp Instant Yeast  /  3/4 Cup Warm to touch Milk  /  1/4 Cup Warm to touch Water  /  1/4 Cup Vegetable Oil  /  1/2 Tsp Salt.

Method = Start with prepare the dough first, and while the dough is resting, start making the filling(s). In a stand kitchen mixer using the dough hook, put all the ingredients and turn it on medium - high speed until the dough forms a ball on one side. If it's not forming a ball, because it differs from flour to another, add 1/2 tsp room temperature water. Cover with kitchen towel, and let rest for an hour. 

On a clean floured surface, roll out the dough until thin. Cut circles using your desired size dough cutter or a bowl. 

Meat filling:  2 Tbsp Ghee  1/2 Kilo minced beef  /  Diced Onion  /  1 Tsp Paprika   /  1/2 Tsp Ground cardemom   /  Pinch of nutmeg   /  1 Tsp 7 Syrian Spices   /  1 Tsp Salt  /  1/2 Tsp Pepper.

Method = Lightly fry the onions, add the spices followed by the meat, and stir until the meat has browned. Season, and set aside to cool. Then fill the fatayer and close it as shown in the vedio.

Brush with eagg wash (1 egg with a pinch of paprika), or fry in hot oil until light golden.

Spinach Filling :

1 Kilo frozen Spinach  /  1 Tsp Sumac  /  1 Tsp Salt   /  Pinch of sweat spices   /  Pinch of Paprika   /  3 Tbsp lemon juice   /  3 medium size onions, finely minced. 

Method = In a sieve over a medium bowl, put the salt on the spinach and rube well with your hand to help the spinach release all its liquid. In a seperate bowl, mix the onion, sumac, and spices and rub well and set over a sieve to release all liquid from the onion. Add the onion mix to the spinach mix with the lemon juice and combine. Prepare the fatayer and close them tightly as shown in the vedio.

Brush with egg wash, or fry in hot oil until light golden.

Cheese Filling :

2 Tbsp vegetable oil  /  2 Tbsp Flour  /  1 cup milk  /  1 cup kashkaval cheese  /  1 cup akkawi cheese  /  A sprinkle of black seeds. 

Method = In a medium egg pan, over medium heat. Put the oil and add on the flour, stir until the flour fully dissolves, then add the milk. Stir until the mixture thickens, and add the cheese. Add on the black seeds and stir well to combine. After the cheese has fully melted you will realise the mixture has an elastic texture when you lift it up with the spatula. Transfer it to a dish, and let aside to cool. 

After it has been cooled, you can cut it into small - medium size according to the fatayer size. Put a piece in the middle of the dough and close the dough firmly as shown in the vedio.

Brush with an egg wash, or fry in hot oil until light golden.

Serve hot beside your main meal.

Enjoy Doing It, And


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