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noha el moallem



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If you think you don't like it, or its too comlicated, think again and give it a chance. The steps are basic and simple. So let's go.


2 Medium Size Taros / 1 Tsp Salt / 1/2 Tsp / Juice of 2 Lemons

For The Sauce: 

4 Bunches Fresh Chard / 1 Bunch Fresh Coriander / A Handful of Garlic / 2 Tbsp Natural Ghee .

Taqulia :

A Handful of Garlic cloves  / 1 Bunch Fresh Coriander / 1 Tbsp Ground Coriander 


Prepare a tasty broth. ( You can find Broth Recipe available in 'soups' ).

Peal the Taro, wash it and dry it well with a kitchen tissue paper. Set the Taro on a wooden board so it does not slip while cutting it, and cut into small - medium size squares. 

In a big pan over medium heat. Heat the broth well, and season it, then put in the Taro squares. Be ware that Taro softens quickly, so you will have to test it regularly by inserting a sharp knife to feel the inside of it has softened or not yet. 

Meanwhile, roughly cut the chard and coriander , and mash the garlic. In a big egg pan lightly fry the garlic in ghee until light golden, then add the chard and coriander. Stire well until it all softens. 

In the blender, add about a cup from the Taro broth, and put all the chard mixture. Blend until fully smooth. 

Pour the mixture into the Taro broth and lightly stir. 

Reduce the heat under the Taro so it doesn't over softens and breaks.

Prepare the Taqulia. Mash the Garlic, and finely cut the coriander. In the same big pan add ghee, followed by the garlic and the ground coriander, and stir until it turns golden. then add the fresh coriander and mix well to combine. 

Pour the Taqulia over the cooked Taro and lightly mix.

Finally add the lemon juice.

Serve with white rice or baladi bread.

Enjoy Doing It, And 


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