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Dessert Table Setting

Dessert Table Setting

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You may use this setting style on either an ordinary one layer table, or a two layer table if available.

It was a formal Ramadan Iftar, and I decided to use marble and crystal serving plates for an elegant look. I provided vases for décor, and for an extra chic look

White, gold, and light pink is the color theme used. 

As I always advice, try to manage different levels when styling a table, buffet. It adds up a high chic feel, elegant look, and shows up every item separately.

Allow the dessert dishes to be shown and centered on the table for easy grabbing, and put the plates and cutlery in a seen corner to be clearly shown. And try to provide extra plates and cutlery for usage in any case.

Use divided serving plates if available, it saves space, and makes the food assortment looking tidy. Tea, coffee and other hot drinks are needed to be served during dessert time. So never miss out on them or delay it. 

Beautify the table with décor pieces like small Ramadan Lanterns and other accessories that is matching the color theme.

 Enjoy Doing It, And


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