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Dinning Table Setup

Dinning Table Setup

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Part of my hosting guests routine is arranging the table the day before, and this comes after I have managed the way I will be serving each sector; Like where I will display the main dishes, on the table or on the buffet, the salads, soup, desserts, and tea. I plan every detail and start setting up the place.This way makes me comfortable and ready for the next day.

After making these decisions, I start organising accordingly. So I start by arranging the dinnerware, then styling the dinner table using decor accessories, after I have decided on the colour mood I will use.

Then setup the other side tables, and after i finish I evaluate the whole dinning area.

In this setting I chose a simple table setting because there are already decorative paper lantern hanging from the chandelier.

I decided on the colour white as a mood colour for styling the dinning area, like the table cloth, lanterns and the dinnerware. Then used gold and copper serving plates to match the table cloth colour and pattern.

A simple setting for the table for a tidy yet cozy Iftar.

The salads and other dishes I placed on the buffet. 

For the soup, I decided to put it on a single side table with the bowls, but you can still serve it from the buffet if you like.

For the cups, water, and juices i also arranged them on a seperate table, but you can also arrange them on the buffet if other table is not available. 

The way that the dinning table has only the main dishes, makes it easy to pick up the serving dishes fast and easy, and put the dessert right away. And if you did not add the hot drinks besides the juices, it will still be easy to only prepare the tea while serving the dessert. 

While managing your hosting experience, always look for solutions that would make things easy on yoi and you guests.

Enjoy Doing It, And 


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