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Small Table Styling

Small Table Styling

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In small tables, preferably choose very similar colours because the space for arranging the decor items is narrow. A three table set is mostly useful in the salon area. It allows you to put several decor items in one space, and also be able to use as a side table and for mug or cup rest. I choose here blue as a hero colour, as it is part of the lattern colour, and also reflects Ramadan spirit. Arranged some figs stuffed with nuts. Then I put some Qamer Al-Dine sticks in a candle cup and added some wrapped Malban bites. In a small bowl, i put mini chocolate bites. Item size must be similar and proportional to table size to be harmonic in style. Dont hesitate to play around with your decor items, try everything and dont be afraid to rearrange and change. Sit back and look at it, and eventually you will reach your desired style.




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